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Designing an employee benefits program on your own that really works for individuals and your company can be like putting together a difficult puzzle. Ninety percent of your company’s assets walk out the door each night. What do you do to make sure they return the next day?

A well-designed employee benefits program can be an effective way to attract and retain a talented workforce.  However, with cost of benefits totaling 30% to 40% of payroll, it is becoming increasingly difficult to effectively manage your company’s employee benefit program.   

BeneSource, LLC has a goal to simplify the complex world of individual and business insurance benefits which can be very complicated, expensive and at times legally challenging.  We will work with you in the creation, implementation and communication of a customized employee benefit package specific to your company goals and needs.  Always striving to exceed our clients' expectations by providing quality service, comprehensive strategies and a superior level of professionalism and competency.  

As an independent firm, you can be sure we will put your interests first and advocate on your behalf, as Your Trusted Benefit Advisor.    



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